Kodak Hero 5.1 printer problem

  Creditman 10:36 AM 17 Feb 13

I use original Kodak cartridges (CL30),but find that after only a few printings the magenta ink does not print. I have cleaned print heads many times but this only correct problem for a few printings. Cartridge supplier says they have not been told of this problem by any one else. Constant print head cleaning, test pages, calibration etc uses up ink very fast. Could this be caused by a fault with the printhead itself ? I have only had printer for 113 months (just out of warranty!). Another problem is with double-sided printing. Very often, despite ensuring paper is loaded correctly,halfway thru the paper jams & I have to waste time freeing it & restarting. Can't see why this happens. Any ideas on these problems please ?

  Terry Brown 10:25 AM 18 Feb 13

With regards to the paper problem, I refer you to this article, also to the types of paper available,

Personally I prefer a weight of 80 grams xerox performer paper.

Sometimes the original cartridges supplied by the manufacturer are not as well filled as a compatible cartridge. My personal choice is JETTEC, however I leave it open for other readers to suggest their own favorites.

Also have a look at this link, which may suggest a solution.


Kodak printer problems

Printer paper weight

  amonra 15:13 PM 18 Feb 13

A neighbour of mine who rejected my advice went and bought a Kodak 5 printer. Now, six months later he has decided enough is enough and got shot of it. The cost of keeping it in ink was horrendous ! Sorry to be so downbeat but sometimes the truth hurts.

  Creditman 17:05 PM 18 Feb 13

Thanks Terry Brown & amonra.

I have now contacted Kodak Support & they are sending me a new printhead FOC although the printer is outside the 1 year warranty period. If this does not solve problem, I will throw printer out & buy new Canon or HP. It must have WiFi & do double-sided printing. I would not want to spend more than say £12. Any suggestiond ?


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