tallula 04 Feb 12

I am about to start a Masters Degree. I will be able to download books onto an e-reader and need to do highlighting and annotations. Kindle or Kobo?

  wiz-king 05 Feb 12

I have a Sony e-reader (old) and have found it useful for reading but I found most of the textbooks I wanted were not available in e-format. New ones were but there was no substitute for paper, pen and highlighter.

The act of doing something like writing a note is more likely to 'stick' than clicking a key.

Back to the question - you would most likely need the top end version of either but I don't know what would be the better.

  interzone55 05 Feb 12

You can add annotations to Kindle books, getting the keyboard version would be advisable...

  tallula 05 Feb 12

Very helpful comments, thanks. I agree that there is no substitue for sticky notes! I will probably use both methods It is useful to be able to add annotations, so thinking of the kindle touch.

  canarieslover 05 Feb 12

Why not go for a small laptop or netbook and download Kindle app for it. It would give the advantage of a really usable keyboard as opposed to the Kindle 'you really need small fingers' keyboard. Other advantage is that it will have many other uses as well. Disadvantage is obviously battery life will not be so good and also it would be heavier and larger. With a small PC you could even use a 'sticky notes' program to have them on screen instead of littering the floor when the adhesive gives up.

  interzone55 05 Feb 12


I'd advise against the Kindle Touch because the onscreen keyboard is next to useless, get the keyboard version


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