KOB Mercury MP3-CD-VCD portable player

  Takumi 02:31 17 Feb 03

hi i just wanna say something about this product! i brought one of these mp3/cd players at a computer fair in london last saturday and i must say i was pretty immpressed with what it has to offer! but when i tried it at home it had a few problems! First of all, whenever i try to play audio cds or audio mp3 cds, they just wont work! they load up, the lcd screen says no disc and then it turns itself off! this product even offers support for cdr/rw discs and they dont work themselves and just have the same problem! when i play vcds, that works! its the only thing that does! does anybody else have this product and do you experience same problems? i was very dissapointed when this happened!

  Pilch.... 17:57 17 Feb 03

a mate brought this model on sunday at a computer fair for £49.99.....

he was impressed and as far as i know it all worked ok.

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