Kindle Fire HD which one ?

  menopaws1947 15:54 13 Apr 13

Old Lady, 2 dodgy laptops so need a device for backup with benefits. Love music/ebooks/Facebook/games etc Main use when sitting outside in garden or in bed. Have saved up £200, an extra £30 at push. Looking at Kindle for months but been unsure. Was going to get Kindle Fire HD 8 but what would I benefit for the use I need it for ?? Then decided on the 7 with 16gb - just looked and if I got the 8gb could afford Amazon Prime as well as that !!! so please all the advice and HELP you can give me. Sue xx

  canarieslover 16:57 13 Apr 13

The glossy screens on tablets are quite reflective so limit their use outside if you want to use it to read or play games. You really need to be in a shady area. The Kindle 8gb model only leaves about 5gb for your apps and storage. I can't comment on Amazon Prime as I am more of a reader and their 'borrow a book' offer is limited to one book a month. As I don't buy many items from them the postage benefits didn't warrant the £49 per year.

  menopaws1947 17:26 13 Apr 13

Thanks for reply, I do wear a wide brimmed hat so hopefully that will help with glare problem. I did not realise you lose some of your gbs, oo more to think about lol I cannot afford a better tablet as do "night buying" on Amazon and ebay ! so prime would work for me.

  canarieslover 22:23 13 Apr 13

The operating system and the basic apps that come with it are what causes the loss of around 3gb. You will still only lose that much if you opt for the 16gb so you would have around 13gb free on that one. Why not try to find someone who owns a tablet and get them to show you it in use?

  Matt Egan 23:57 13 Apr 13
  mole1944 06:45 14 Apr 13

Have you considered a Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 16Gb storage expandable via a micro sd card with up to another 32Gb,great tablet got mine from Argos for £249 and Amazon for my card to up the storage, saying that I have a 3TB NAS drive (cloud) home server so I tend to use that, providing I have net access I can use that anywhere in the world, would I recomend my tablet yes I would well built and a good price as well, your paying for a quality product, not extra ££££££ for a name.


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