sunnystaines 23:11 11 Jul 09

looking at keyboards new ones these days seem to have the letters stuck on the keys with transfers are there any decent usb keyboards out there with keys that will last.

nothing fancy needed. but dismayed with the logitec ones in tesco's

present keyboard from my long since died gateway 1998 pc.

  rdave13 23:28 11 Jul 09

click here , maye?

  sunnystaines 13:13 12 Jul 09

rdave thanks

  DieSse 14:36 12 Jul 09

They're not transfers, they're hot printed.

They all wear, maybe cheap ones wear fastest!.

The only keytops that don't wear are "two-shot moulded" - far too expensive a process theses days.

The letter is moulded in relief first - then the outer skin moulded around it - the letter goes right through like a stick of rock.

  Armchair 14:43 12 Jul 09

Strange..... This generic keyboard that's been in use for six and a half years shows no signs of wear or fading.

  Stuartli 15:41 12 Jul 09

I've got a Lidl Silvercrest wireless mouse and keyboard (re-badged A4Tech products) which I bought about three years ago.

The keyboard (black symbols on white keys) is used for many hours a day, but none of the symbols show any sign of wear...:-)

  DieSse 16:57 12 Jul 09

Your keyboard letters will wear off if you keep your nails a tad long.

  sunnystaines 17:19 12 Jul 09

thanks all for the feedback

  sunnystaines 17:20 12 Jul 09

wife has seen a microsoft USB 3000 anyone using one.

  dagnammit 17:54 12 Jul 09

I'm using a Microsoft Digital Pro Keyboard, this is the third computer I've used it on.

  dagnammit 17:55 12 Jul 09

Sorry - the keys are fine.

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