Keyboard help

  New Neophyte 15:55 07 Jun 08

New keyboard needed. £50 or under. Robustness is more important than features I'll probably never need. Likely to have heavy use so reliability matters. Keys well spaced for someone with big hands! Everyday use-nothing cutting edge. Thanks in anticipation people.

  Forum Editor 16:01 07 Jun 08
  New Neophyte 21:01 07 Jun 08

Hmm sexy! Thanks Ed.

  pj123 21:06 07 Jun 08


The keyboard I am using now is about 3 years old and cost £5.

It is used every day for a lot of typing. My typing speed is 70wpm and I do a lot of typing for students at the UEA. Roughly about 4 hours a day.

If I ever need another one I can still get one for £5 from: click here

This is my local supplier.

  rdave13 22:09 07 Jun 08

Still a 'thing' about keyboards..:)

  Forum Editor 00:12 08 Jun 08

I'm afraid so.

Mind you, the one I'm using now (and have been for some time) will take an awful lot of beating - it's by far the best I've ever put my hands on, and at this price it should be.

click here

  rdave13 00:35 08 Jun 08

Logitech, not a favourite manufacturer of mine, keyboard looks to be the best at the moment. However the price tag seems a little worrying...

  Forum Editor 00:39 08 Jun 08

The price is a shocker, but when you open the box and fire it up you realise that you have a seriously good keyboard. As you say, I have a thing about keyboards, mainly because I spend so much time using them. I've tried literally dozens of them in my time, but this one wipes everything else off the map.

It looks absolutely beautiful, and it is a dream to use. I've had mine for about six months now, and I wouldn't be parted from it - it's the Rolls Royce of keyboards as far as I'm concerned.

  rdave13 00:47 08 Jun 08

Hmm. Maybe a good prize to win in the next competition?

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