Joystick Problem....

  Pilch from 23:30 10 Feb 04

Back in october, i brought an MS Sidewinder Precision Pro 2 Joystick from PC World.

Wasnt used much in the first month,after that, almost everyday until today.

Anyhow yesterday i was playing and it was fine.

Today on the other hand it was dead. So i checked USB port's they where ok, so i tried it in another machine and no joy. In another machine, same problem.

So i guess that the stick is faulty.

Problem is that i brought it 5 months ago and that at the moment, i have the box, instructions, cd but no sign of reciept. Anything i can do?

  Sir Radfordin 23:52 10 Feb 04

Depends on how you paid for it - if debit/credit card then they may (have to?) accept the statement as proof.

Everyime I've bought stuff from PCW recently they have asked for my address so you may get lucky on that front.

Have recently found PCW to be far more helpful than they have been in the past - still room for improvement though!

I hunted for recipet, remember i paid by cash.. then dropped it after the lead got hooked into my computer chair without realising and moved away, it hit the floor...

I tried it again and it worked....

*Insert Naughty Word*


Cheers anywy mate!


  Sir Radfordin 01:21 11 Feb 04

Tis ok, in my experience my presence is all that is needed to solve 99% of computer problems ;)

  wee eddie 22:19 11 Feb 04

the solution to many an engineers nightmare.

  mole44 23:04 11 Feb 04

were humbled Sir Radfordin,(bows and scrapes),rofl

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