Jean Patrique Cookware Spam

  ened 19 May 13

The above firm has somehow obtained my (very) personal email address and I am receiving an average of two emails a day from them.

I mark the mail as Junk but somehow they keep getting through - I assume they are sending them from different addresses every time.

About a month ago I called them and was assured that it would stop: It Didn't! I did ask how they got my address and she, rather snottily, stated that I must have bought something from them. Unless this was through a concession at Amazon that I have forgotten about I have never given them my business and, if they did but realise it, this behaviour makes me less inclined to do so.

This is more of an irritant than a serious problem but I would like to make it stop if there is a way?

  BT 19 May 13

They do have some excellent offers, on good quality Knives in particular. I bought a set of 5 kitchen knives for a silly price about a year ago, about £3.99 + P&P total about £14, and they are really excellent.

So even though you don't want their emails its worth looking at some of their offers.

  spuds 19 May 13

They are most likely on a mail order association members list. Check it out and report the spamming to that association or Ofcom.

  spuds 19 May 13

I have just done a quick internet search. Just put your introduction title 'Jean Patrique Cookware Spam' into a Google search, and you might find the answer you are looking for. A number of similar complaints on the same subject?.

  ened 19 May 13

Thanks spuds. I hadn't thought of that and kind of thought I might be alone with this issue. The Facebook link is extremely enlightening.

  DASimms 09 Aug 13

I'm starting to be plagued by spam e-mails from Jean Patrique, 2 a day at the moment but I'm also receiving 3 to 5 a day from Wowcher and they started with just 2 initially.

They're all from the same marketing company 'UK Offer Source' and have American addresses below the "we hope you enjoyed receiving this" slogan at the end of each one.

My ISP is able to filter most spam e-mails but the senders of these keep changing their e-mail address. Also the content is made up of graphics thereby bypassing conventional HTML based spam filtering.


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