iTunes with other mp3 players

  mikegm7 17:14 PM 18 Jul 11

I need to replace my wifes iplayer. At the moment she has quite a library of songs including purchased songs. I want to buy her a different make of player, can the itunes library be transferred to a different mp3 player, or is there a risk of losing any purchased songs?

  D@ve 21:53 PM 19 Jul 11

The problem with Apple is that they make everything use a propriety format so it's difficult to make them work on non-Apple products. If you bought the songs from iTunes back in the days when they were encrypted with DRM then they will only play on Apple players. You may be able to upgrade some of these to the "Plus" format which would then work on any player capable of playing Apple's .aac format, but you will have to pay for the privilege - it's a sad situation to be in and it's why I refuse to buy anything from Apple - these sort of strategies are normal throughout their entire product range!

More info

If you purchase any songs online in the future, may I suggest you try Amazon MP3. Music is generally cheaper than on iTunes, plus they are encoded in the almost universal MP3 format.

  mikegm7 10:24 AM 20 Jul 11

Thanks Dave for the info.


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