It's Nearly Christmas.....Bah Humbug

  User-312386 11:06 17 Dec 06

Hi all

I was a little miffed at

My wife was going to buy me the dfilanparty click here from there and at the begginning of December it was £72, now it has shot up to £105.74.

Now i think that is bad, don't you.

Anyone think that is them wanting to make a quick buck?

  Forum Editor 11:17 17 Dec 06

but are you abolutely certain that the £72 price included VAT? If it didn't, the inclusive price would have been £84.60, and that makes the current price differential a little less savage.

That said, a retail company may charge what it likes, and presumably there are other sources of supply?

  User-312386 11:42 17 Dec 06

Click on the review part and look at the post by Waqas, it was £65

  Rayuk 12:59 17 Dec 06

Try Aria £70.35

  Rayuk 13:09 17 Dec 06

Sorry its not shown as the UT variety, not sure if there is a non UT model but the picture is definately not of the UT

  spuds 14:07 17 Dec 06

That's the problem with some of these offers, price fluctuation on a daily or weekly basis. Some days you lose, some days you win.But its deciding the right day, that's the most difficult. Places like Scan have 'Todays Special' listing, Ebuyer do similar with their 'Happy Hour', plus Argos and PC World.

No point in waiting for the January sales, there are sales of one description or another virtually every day now!.

  thms 17:28 17 Dec 06

Micodirect £62

click here

  User-312386 20:08 17 Dec 06

thanks but they are sold out :(

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