Its that 91 year old again

  v1asco 21:26 13 Jan 06

First off thanks for all your marvellous comments. Even though I closed the thread they keep coming.

Due to unforeseen circumstances it is not possible to get a computer for Dad just yet. However, we are going to encourage him to dabble at night school or library.

What I was wondering is there a way to get the net on just a TV hook up. I know NTL do it, but only with email.

This maybe a suitable way to kick start his interest.

Ta all


  wjrt 21:57 13 Jan 06

click here

e-bay would appear to be the way but reviews are 50/50 so look and see

  Stuartli 23:58 13 Jan 06

Using a TV set as a monitor is not to be recommended, especially for those of advanced age - a television set can never match the resolution quality of a computer monitor, particularly with regard to text.

  Biotech 10:45 14 Jan 06

They might have a 42" plasma screen for all you know. Not all elderly people have bad vision.

  Forum Editor 11:06 14 Jan 06

No, but most of them do, and we're talking about someone who's 91 years old - I think Stuartli's comment is entirely valid - TV screens do not make for comfortable web browsing.

  v1asco 11:14 14 Jan 06

Stuartli & FE. I will say that this is a non-starter. Dad has had Laser surgery and his vision is better than mine now, but it I guess it could lead to eye strain.

Biotech - wish he did have!! He would get loads of visitors.

  Cybermaxx 11:21 14 Jan 06

Must mention the fact that I spent my first two years of web surfing using a tv set.............connected to a SEGA Dreamcast games console. It had a built in 34k modem. I wouldn't recommend it now, though!

  Biotech 12:04 14 Jan 06

Well good luck anyway. If you do get a plasma don't mention it here as somebody will tell you it causes genital warts or someother doomesday messages.

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