is it possible to get a docking station for external hdd with 15+7 pin sata connectors?

  theDarkness 14 May 12

For all 2.5" and 3.5" external drives that I want to connect to a system via usb or sata, I am finding most docking stations and adapters are only for 40 pin and 44 pin sata drives.

For connecting to a desktop system, this might do the job, but if I wanted to connect the drive to a laptop via usb, is it possible to get a docking station for an external drive that has 27 pins (15 pin data+7 pin power)? The circuit board the 15+7 pin combo external hdd once used is possibly defunct, so I cant connect it anymore unless I have one of the above. This is mainly out of interest-thanks for any info :)

  ams4127 14 May 12
  Lazarus The 2nd 15 May 12

Click here eSATA USB to SATA External HDD Dock for 2.5 or 3.5in

Connector(s) Drive Connectors 1 - SATA Data & Power Combo (7+15 pin) Receptacle

  Lazarus The 2nd 15 May 12
  HondaMan 15 May 12

In a word, yes.Dabs

  theDarkness 15 May 12

I was getting mixed up with 40+44 pin ide connections-I understand now that sata does not have a variety of different connection types, just one set standard for data and power. I do have more than one drive I might be able to use with one of these docking stations, alongside the hdd I have taken out of its external casing, to use on older machines.

thanks for the links-some of these stations do seem a little expensive for what I would use the older drives I have here for,essentially as second or third backups. I was looking for a usb2 to 3.5" sata hdd station-the cheapest I can find is around £15 on amazon (newlinks brand), but.. I would rather pay extra if the cheapest of brands cause the drive to become very hot after an hour or less of use. I have noticed startech appear on just about every shopping site-does anyone know if they sell other companies goods under their own name, and/or if they are any good in quality? Interestingly dabs sells alot of startech goods for around £10+ less than the startech official website, so I can get a station for my old drives for around £20. thanks :)

  HondaMan 21 May 12

Maplin has them on special offer at the moment.Maplin


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