Is it the Good Price for this Laptop

  johnathann 29 Nov 11

I am in urgent need to buy a Laptop to give it as a gift to my son. I was looking for the best deal to buy from. I saw a deal from the site Latestchoice which sells Samsung 400B4B Laptop with £40 OFF. I have checked other sites and came to a conclusion that It is the right one for me. Please tell me your suggestions as soon as possible. The Offer may close at any time.

  Forum Editor 01 Dec 11

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  buteman 01 Dec 11

All your click here does is take you to a site with no security ratings so I would not personally buy anything from a site like that.

According to this it is a Notebook and not a laptop.

But at least you get free delivery.

  johnathann 01 Dec 11

Hi buteman,

Still there is a confusion among many about the difference between Laptops & Notebooks. Because while looking for laptops in different manufacturing site I noticed the usage of Laptops and Notebooks. Those manufacturer which used the word Laptop didn't use Notebook for any of their products.

Someone say that Notebooks has less features with slim design while Laptops have high configurations. But as a consumer we are not able to sort out which is a Laptop and which is a Notebook based on configuration. So it doesn't matter for me whether it is a Laptop or Notebook.

I personally feel that it is up to the manufacturer to decide whether it is a Laptop or Notebook.

  interzone55 01 Dec 11

You both may be confusing Notebook & Netbook.

The terms Notebook & Laptop are largely interchangable, but Netbook describes a smaller machine with normally 11" or less screen, low powered (usually Atom) CPU, not optical drive and normally a cut down version of Windows 7 called Starter Edition.

regarding your choice, if your Son doesn't need the Pro version windows this Samsung laptop from John Lewis has a better spec

  ICF 01 Dec 11

How about this from Dell


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