isass.exe error permanent shutdown

  emilyjc 09:26 31 Dec 06

I bought a FS Amilo pro V2020 and had no problems till feb 14th 2006, when it shut down and the isass.exe error appeared each time i tried to reboot. I took it to the vendor who said it was a virus, he formatted the disk drive and the pc worked! BUT in may, the same thing occured! and again in September, October, November and last night it did it again. I have insisted that it is a hardware problem, but they say it is a virus even though i have firewall and antivirus protection. I have a Toshiba PC connected to the same lan as the Amilo and it has never been infected with anything. Oh, the vendor suggested something really funny in November, he said, that maybe I should just use the amilo with Word, which is what I use for work, and not connect it to the net to see if that way the Amilo would work better, I said that i have already got a type writer thank you very much. I am really very distressed about this since I have a 1200 euro heap of crap now, that has already cost me around another 500 euros in "repairs", and all i get from the vendor is "It's a virus"

  emilyjc 09:28 31 Dec 06

BTW I also have that famous or infamous crack on the lap top cover of the FS amilo Pro V2020, just by the hinge.

  Newuser3213 10:13 31 Dec 06

This may be of interest from The Software Patch site:

"Virus and spyware writers are getting more cunning. They are now disguising their viruses to look or sound like Windows system files. Quick quiz: out of the following, which of the files is the spyware (browser hijack), virus (Trojan) and the crucial system file?
Hey, wait a minute, the first two files are the same! Well, they are not. The first starts with the letter capital i (I) and second starts with the letter lowercase l (L). The one starting with i (isass.exe) is a virus/Trojan but Windows users may easily mistake it for the very important security process, lsass.exe (starts with a lowercase L, as in lucky). And yes Win32.exe is a browser hijack program that will keep taking charge of your browser home page."

It's worth a double check to see which one you've got...

  emilyjc 10:23 31 Dec 06

thanks for your reply, i did know that there were and are virus lookalikes but this is not my case, as they have never been detected nor found to exist anywhere on my three pc's, using stingers and constant scans. the shut down only happens with the amilo pro

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