GANDALF <|:-)> 18:39 08 Jul 04

Anyone considering buying one of the interestingly priced, 20Gb hard drives...ooops!...Ipods may like to comsider this one from Novatech....click here at £150 it is somewhat cheaper and has an FM radio.

It's only drawback is that it is not in a white case, which makes all the difference ;-)))


  Forum Editor 18:52 08 Jul 04

if you really want the Rolls Royce item in this field, and can run to £230
click here

  kinger 18:59 08 Jul 04

I have the 40gb version of the iriver. It's a sensation and can be a voice recorder too.

click here

  Charence 20:38 08 Jul 04

i think that iPods are quite poorly specced considering its price and comparing it to the products above. Also most of the components of iPod are external such as the microphone, it is not built in.

click here i think is quite good

  accord 22:01 08 Jul 04
  accord 22:03 08 Jul 04

sorry click here and click on MP3 players, iRiver wipes the floor with the ipod.

  -Beb- 23:04 08 Jul 04

Gandalf, I think you're missing a big point about the iPod, which is its branding and style.

You can buy a top of the range Ford Mondeo for the same price as a low spec Merc, but which would you rather be seen in, which is more classy and which will hold its value better? It's the same with the iPod. Fair enough it may be slightly overpriced for what it can do, but I haven't seen any MP3 players which work as well as the iPod and are as classy.

  accord 23:15 08 Jul 04

I disagree with you on that one. I saw an ipod in Comet the other day (first time i'd seen / touched one) and i left wondering whats all the fuss about. Its plain, dull, overpriced, non flexible (as in downloads) and white (dirty after 6 months).

value for money: no way.

  -Beb- 23:30 08 Jul 04

Well I've had my iPod for a year now and I can say that it certainly does not get dirty. I don't even need to clean it, the only thing is the mirror finishing on the back gets lots of fingerprints on, so unless you are particularly unhygenic I don't know how the iPod will get dirty.

Furthermore, I don't understand what you mean by it being unflexible for downloads, so if you could explain I'd be very interested.

In addition to this, the plain but unique and styilsh designs are what set Apple prodicts apart from others.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:08 09 Jul 04

Hmmmmm...paying £100 extra for 'style'./me bursts into fits of laughter.


  Tim1964 00:08 09 Jul 04


I've only had my Jukebox 3 for a fortnight and then this one comes along!!!!!!

I guess that's the nature of the business, a new toy every week. Just goes to show, if you waited for 'the right time' you'd never buy anything IT related.

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