IPod Speaker Dock

  hugh144 14:53 06 Jan 08


I'm looking to buy a I Pod Speaker Dock - can anyone recommend a reasonably priced system with good quality sound?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:29 06 Jan 08

Take your ipod into any retailer and you will be able to plug it in and listen, you can then choose which one you want. I bought a Bose soundDock for my itouch from John Lewis in the sale, it is worth every penny and is worth saving for....click here

You can also attach the ipod to any computer speakers such as creatives etc., and at £44 these are worth thinking about click here.

  bremner 16:00 06 Jan 08

I too recommend the Sounddock - Gandalfs is the portable one at £270, there also a mains only for £199. click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:23 06 Jan 08

I got the mains one..wrong photo.


  Ivor_Monkey 17:32 06 Jan 08

The best value for money option IMHO is to connect the ipod directly to a standard radio (with good sound). You do this via audio stereo plugs.

I belevie those dedicated ipod players are too restricted and over prcied. if you get an excellent radio (s I suggrest) you will be free to use it again when you replace your ipod (as you surely will) for a really good mp3 player. (lol)

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