ipod problem

  Maryp 09:54 18 Nov 04

I want to get an Ipod for Xmas, but my Pc uses windows 98se. How expensive and difficult is it to upgrade to either 2000, or XP, as these are the only ones it will work with. And can you recomend somewhere cheap and reliable to buy the upgrade. I've looked in a few places, but cant seem to find what I need. Would it be safe enough to buy a second hand one on Ebay?

  bvw in bristol 11:00 18 Nov 04

Here's a couple of XP readiness tests for you:

Windows XP Upgrade Advisor: click here

It's a large download, if you have broadband it's not so bad....failing that try the PC Pitstop test: click here

You may find your current hardware/software will need upgrading for XP.

  bvw in bristol 11:09 18 Nov 04

How to Setup an iPod Using Windows 98SE.

click here

May be useful as well.

Good luck.

  Kate B 00:30 19 Nov 04

Maryp, I think you can also use an iPod in Win ME - I think I've got an upgrade disk hanging around somewhere if you'd like it. Drop me an email via the little yellow envelope. It's not the best OS in the world but it's less of a drag on an older computer.

  Maryp 14:06 20 Nov 04

Thanks Kate, but I think the windows ME is so you can use a USB 2.0, instead of 1.1, but it seems a firewire card is better anyway, so I wont take up your offer, I'll try to follow the complicated instructions above. But thanks anyway.

  Kate B 14:45 22 Nov 04

Good luck with it, and let me know if you do decide you want the ME disc.

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