Internet calls

  Picklefactory 15:16 20 Jun 09

Has anyone ever used any of the internet call packages?

My son is nagging me to set up click here
but I'm not so sure. They don't appear to want you to see the cost of the credits you need to buy for the 'free' calls (not very free when you have to buy credit 1st), until you register, which is making me suspicious.

I'm keeping open mind, as it may still be useful. My partner is Polish, and calls Poland and Belgium regularly, and I have family in Ireland and the US, so I am exploring, but no knowledge of these sites.

Anyone any experience?

  Terry Brown 15:30 20 Jun 09

can you make a call from a fixed line without paying Rental first


From a mobile phone without either a contract (per month) or Pay as you go (Paid in advance).

You may be better of getting an international phone card, as that way your call costs are known and you have no bills to worry about.

  PalaeoBill 15:34 20 Jun 09

I use live messenger with a microphone headset and just make 'calls' at a pre-arranged time. I did try using Skype and a handset but didn't get on with it. Don't know if it was me, poor equipment, poor system or a combination but I couldn't get reliability in the dialing or connection. Not had a problem with live messenger and I get video as well as audio, all free.

  Picklefactory 15:39 20 Jun 09

I occasionally use messenger, but most of my family abroad are not really pc users, so I was looking at a way to call landlines.
I've just d/loaded it carefully, can't see any scary clauses in the T&C and tried a call to my house. It didn't charge me for it and states it as a free call.
I did look at the credit buying page, and again, I haven't succeeded in finding out as yet how much the credit costs.
I'll carry on experimenting with landline calls and post back later.

  Zak 15:48 20 Jun 09

Calls to Poland and Belgium 0.5p pre minute from BT line

click here

Always works a dream, very ocassionally not available for a few days or so about every 4 to 6 months.

  Zak 15:55 20 Jun 09

You can look at the individual providers web sites by going to e.g.

click here

just replace dialaround by name of other companies listed in previous link results for individual country.

  Quiet Life 17:22 20 Jun 09

Skype is very much improved from early days and cost of landline calls is not too bad.

  john bunyan 17:35 20 Jun 09

See here:
click here
I am not a rep for vonage, but see my comments. They let you call anyone - no PC needed. You plug in a small adapter to your modem. You have unlimited calls at about £7 a month and can choose a number of packages. I have USA Canada, Eire. Australia, Germany and UK .They are very easy to use as long as the modem is on - not neccessary to have PC on.

  Picklefactory 20:06 20 Jun 09

I also use that sometimes, but I find they keep changing the numbers and the charges, although they are still cheaper than Virgin, my package provider.
I'll persevere for a bit and update as and when.

  tigertop2 22:13 20 Jun 09

Try OOvOO. I have been using it for some time now and it is usually pretty good-and free

  Arnie 11:03 21 Jun 09

I agree.
My wife rings a friend in Gibraltar using Skype. She's never had a problem.


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