Internet based vs "in a box" antivirus/spyware

  katrina.oconnor.568 13:45 23 Mar 05

Sorry to bring this topic up (again)...

I'm about to invest in a new laptop, which I will use primarily for surfing and playing a few games on.

What are the pros and cons of both 'internet based' and 'buy in a box' anti virus/spyware/adware.

Are the free(?) DLs worth it?

Reason I'm asking is that on my old laptop I was running VirGuard which was a free DL from a German company, which I thought was perfectly adequate, until I ran SpySweeper3 and it found MS Blast lurking on my HD.

BTW, is SpySweeper3 any good (I bought it as an emergency cover after being advised to buy some anti-spyware software, and bought this based on reviews on Amazon)

Any particular recommendations? thanks

  pauldonovan 13:50 23 Mar 05

I'm assuming that VirGuard is a virus scanner. Viruses and spyware aren't the same and you need different tools (or a suite) to tackle them.

I've never heard of VirGuard but you should be looking for 'best of breed' in each category of:

i) spyware/adware removal
ii) Virus scanner
iii) Personal/Hardware firewall

Yes you can get a suite that handles them all but also you download 'free' individual utilities. There's another thread on this here:

click here

I'd recommend AVG for virus and I use winpatrol to keep an eye on spyware/browser hijacking and I've got a hardware firewall in my adsl router and I haven't had any probs.

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