Interesting program re winxp

  MidgetMan 18:18 28 Mar 04

Being a boring old git, I was watching a program on sky last night about booby traps, I was interested as I have been the victim of one. Anyway towards the end they started talking about "virtual" booby traps on the internet, with trojans etc being discussed. What caught my attention however was the spokesperson from MS talking about Win XP.

He was talking about the ability for MS to shut down peoples computers remotely via the windows update page. Apparently if someone logs on with an invalid XP key,(cloned etc) or if the registered pc has under significant changes they have the ability to send a command down the line which will shut down and disable the pc in question.

Has anyone experienced this? and is it feasible??. Are there any legal issues involved?

  Forum Editor 18:41 28 Mar 04

in this fashion there would be the mother of all outcries - and they know it.

It certainly could be done, but I have not heard of a single instance of it happening, and I'm quite sure that tens of thousands of computers running illegal copies of WindowsXP have successfully downloaded stuff from the Windows update site.

  MidgetMan 19:35 28 Mar 04

So, if a person was using a illegal copy of XP and tried to update via the MS website, and was "shutdown" by MS what sort of recourse can he/she expect. And if MS has no intention of doing this, what is the point off it all?? once it becomes general knowledge no end of people wil start to use illegal copies because they will know that the mighty MS will not do anything.

  ted bear 20:00 28 Mar 04

would it not be a good idea from microsofts point of view to allow illegal copies of XP to download from their site in the short term whilst they gather a database of illegal users, then just before the release of next version of windows close down all computers which are using illegal copies at once.
A better idea might be to price windows more reasonably and perhaps people wouldnt then need to resort to illegal copies.

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