Intelligent life at Mesh Computers ?

  jughead1 16:07 24 Mar 05

Can anyone help me on this one, because with the experience I have had so far with Mesh there doesn’t seem to be any life in their Customer Services Department, intelligent or otherwise?

I ordered a Mesh X-treme 9 –4000 Pro at the end of January this year after seeing the spec on their web page. At the time I also telephoned their office to confirm that the network card included in the spec would be compatible with my laptop, and other computer. I was assured that it would be. The gentleman took my order and payment details over the phone and my new PC duly arrived and I was suitably impressed. I set it up and when I looked for the external connector to attach the shiny new Asus antennae that I had been provided with I couldn’t locate it. I checked the system and then discovered that there was no network card installed.

I then spent fruitless days attempting to get through to the Customer Services Department. I wrote two letters to the Customer Services Manager and had no response. I then faxed copies of the letters, together with the printout that I had taken from the web page at the time of order that contained the spec and requested my money back, as they had contravened the Sale of Goods Act. Finally I received a call from a very polite young lady named Rita who told me that in view of the circumstances, they would send out a technician to install the card onsite. That was three weeks ago and I am still waiting.

I still cannot get through to anyone in any department even after sending emails to the customer service department. I would be very grateful if anyone out there could give me a name and contact number of any one at Mesh who has the intelligence to resolve this problem for me. Also if any of you happy shoppers out there are looking for a nice new computer then please heed this cautionary tale!!

  pauldonovan 16:10 24 Mar 05
  MESH Response 17:52 24 Mar 05
  pj123 18:59 24 Mar 05

This is the first time that I have seen any response on this Forum from Mesh. Things are looking up. We might get someone from other suppliers (other than Daniel from Time) to respond as well.

  Colinp 20:04 24 Mar 05

Unless I am misreading what you mean, there have been quite a lot of responses from Mesh on this forum.

Apologies if I have got hold of the wrong end of the stick though.

  leo49 22:17 24 Mar 05

Come off it - perhaps an eye-test might be in order. Mesh probably have the best and most consistent response rate of any box-shifter on this forum.

  Forum Editor 23:19 24 Mar 05

Have you been on a long trip?

Mesh regularly respond to threads concerning their computers.

  accord 07:36 25 Mar 05

You need to go to specsavers mate. Theres more responses from Mesh on this forum than ANYOTHER pc manufacturer/supplier.

  Sapins 09:16 25 Mar 05

Perhaps pj123 isn't interested in "Mesh" threads and doesn't read them? I don't read all topics that are posted.

  leo49 09:27 25 Mar 05

"Perhaps pj123 isn't interested in "Mesh" threads and doesn't read them?"

But it's axiomatic that if you're commenting on a topic you don't do so from a position of ignorance.

  Sapins 09:34 25 Mar 05

Now there's no need for language like that;-)

Anyway pj123 isn't commenting from a position of ignorance, he has read this thread and there is a response from Mesh in it.

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