Intel v Athlon

  saluk 12:31 14 May 05

This is probably going to be a very basic question, so I apologise in advance!

Have seen a Dell system (Intel pentium 4)I like; however, I heard that there is a move to go to 64 bit - in which case would I be better getting for AMD athlon 64 processor? I am confused!

  bremner 12:37 14 May 05

The future will be 64 bit. That is still a while away as MS has only just launched XP 64 bit.

There are no programs available yet that can make use of the benefits of 64 bit (all 32 bit programs will however work) and 64 drivers are still sparse.

Having said all that if you are someone who keeps a machine for a number of years then buying a 64 bit machine now will enable you to make the most of 64 bit computiung as it roles out.

  saluk 15:28 14 May 05

Many thanks for the responses. The computer I am looking at is a 6xx series one, so that solves the problem!

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