Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP

I'm thinking of buying a new computer but am ignorant of the performance of these two processors. Which one is faster and is Pentium worth the extra cost?

Any advice most appreciated.

  mole44 20:08 01 Oct 03

don`t go on speed factor the amd does more work per cycle and is cheaper as well

  powerless 20:14 01 Oct 03
  R4 20:19 01 Oct 03

a lot of the time it is down to personal preferance but generally Amd give more power for a lower price.

Some swear by Amd others swear by Intel but they both perform well, but there are lots other parts in a PC they affect the performance:: Memory, video adapter and CD/DVD's and hard drives to name a few.

  wags 20:36 01 Oct 03

I asked myself the same question (and posted to this forum) a couple of months back when I was deliberating as to whether to go for a new system with the P4 2.8 or Athlon XP 2800. In the end, following useful advice from forum members, I went for the latter, which was cheaper and I spent the saving on upgrading to 1,204 DDR Ram, larger hard disk etc. I have no regrets and the Athlon 2800 is certainly a very fast processor.

At the end of the day, you won't go far wrong with either - they both offer serious amounts of powerwhich will cope well with latest games, Photoshop etc

  duckers 21:03 01 Oct 03

a P4 wil make better use of a dual channel DDR 400 setup as long as you go for an 800FSB (P4 2.8C model) model, For gaming memory bandwidth (both MOBO and GFX) count an enormous amout ,, it all depends what you want to spend, where your buying from and the use of the PC,, if its only for word processing/surfing why spend a grand when a 500 quid system will do it equally as well.

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