Intel i7 price advice

  Joeishmather 13:45 10 Oct 11

Hi, I have found and intel i7 2600 for sale at£175 is this too good to be true, should I stay away?

  iscanut2 16:19 10 Oct 11

Who is the seller ?

  Joeishmather 16:29 10 Oct 11

It's a seller on eBay, they have 300 feedback and it's 100% positive, says it's cheap as he bought a crate load..

  wee eddie 17:07 10 Oct 11

Possibly one of the old type that had an inherent fault

  Joeishmather 18:03 10 Oct 11

How could I tell? Thanks

  iscanut2 19:21 10 Oct 11

You can't until you try it ! RRP on these is , I think, normally over £220 at least so draw your own conclusions.

  Joeishmather 21:31 10 Oct 11

Think it's one of these where it's gona be wasted money or it could have been off the back of a lorry.. It's soo tempting tho!

  Joeishmather 17:54 11 Oct 11

There is another now £104 more than 10 avaiable and 7 sold, 100% positive feedback, recon the same situation, seems to good to be tue, so it is??

  Joeishmather 17:55 11 Oct 11

Make that 8 sold...

  Joeishmather 17:56 11 Oct 11

And there registered as a business seller..

  iscanut2 20:00 11 Oct 11

Go on then, buy it !!!!!!!


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