Intel Extreme Graphics

  civvy 15:16 10 May 04

Hi everybody. Great forum.

Are computers with Intels integrated Extreme Graphics any good, or is it worth paying the extra money and buying one with a separte graphics card.

The background is that I need to upgrade my daughters PC, which is about 5 years old. She is mad on the SIMS, so it is going to need updating in time for the launch of SIMS 2 later on this year. Apart from the SIMS she is not mad on games. I don't really want to spend much over £500.

I have been looking at the cheaper Dell models.

Grateful for your views.

  Totally-braindead 17:20 10 May 04

There is nothing wrong with on board graphics and it'll certainly play the Sims, just make sure the mainboard has an AGP slot so that you can put in a graphics card as and when you need to.

  hugh-265156 02:33 11 May 04

you can download this tester to see if the computer is sims 2 compatable "This will automatically check your System and tell you how to act accordingly" click here

i would steer clear of any "onboard solutions" and get a budget graphics card like a radeon 9200 etc for £45.

there is nothing whatsoever "extreme" with the intel extreme onboard graphics.

they struggle with zoo tycoon at 1024x768 lol...honestly.cant see it doing too well with any new games regradles of how undemanding they are.

  ste_bla 02:59 11 May 04

Intel Extreme Graphics usally only take 1mg of memory from the RAM and so are load of rubbish.

The only reason iknow tris is coz i have one on a laptop and wanted to extend battery life & lower the cost. The laptop will just about run sims @ 1024x1042 and is just about alright. Go for atleast a geforce 4 32mb or even a TNT2 32mb..

V Cheap, buy second hand if needbe people are upgrading all the time!

  TomJerry 09:52 11 May 04

Just checked Sims2 on my work PC with Intel Extreme Graphics, it does not work. My daughter also crazy about Sims.

Get a PC and then buy a graphics card to fit in by yourself.

A few suggestions for you: PowerColor Radeon 9200 128MB DDR AGP, ATI 9200, DVI-I, TV-Out, Retail £34.49 click here Sapphire Radeon 9600SE Atlantis 128M DDR AGP,ATI9600SE,DVI-I,TV-Out, Lite-Retail £49.35 click here Sapphire Radeon 9200 128MB DDR TV-Out DVI-Out Retail Box £48 click here
Hightech ATI Radeon 9600SE 128MB TV-Out DVI Retail Box £52.94 click here
Gainward Fx Powerpack! Pro/660 AGPx 8 TV-DVI Fx5200 128MB Retail Box £43.23 click here
Gainward Fx5600 XT 128MB AGP 8x Video-Out Dvi Retail Box £62.73 click here

Best choice (value for money) Sapphire Radeon 9600SE Atlantis 128M DDR AGP,ATI9600SE,DVI-I,TV-Out, Lite-Retail £49.35 click here

  civvy 14:26 11 May 04

Thanks for all your very helpful comments.

I think I'll steer clear of integrated graphics.

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