KARINA 16:38 07 Jun 03

I have just run out of printer paper........ i use ordinary copier paper for my it okay to use any type of paper for printing on inkjets or does it have to be printing paper......does anyone know where i can get a good deal on buying about 5 reams of paper to use for ordinary printing ...........before i buy it from viking direct for £4.68 a ream........

  BrianW 16:53 07 Jun 03

A lot depends on the standard you want. The fact that you appear satisfied with copier paper would indicate that you do not require to much in the way of expensive Ink Jet paper. Have a look at Staples as well as Viking and see if there are any special offers.

As the quality of your paper goes down you will eventually suffer from "bleed". You text will get fuzzy edges and graphics will look messy. This will set you lowest level.

As with your photo paper, try it and see, it really is subjective and depends on ink, printer and your own judgement.

  BrianW 16:56 07 Jun 03

I just had a very quick look on the Staples home page and they are advertising an IQ economy paper at £1.89 / 500 pages A4 paper / 80 gsm

  KARINA 17:25 07 Jun 03

Thanks Brian .......... i will order the paper from Staples've just save me a good few pounds........thanks again.........

  KARINA 17:29 07 Jun 03

I use copier paper to do VAT and Tax etc........and i do have inkjet and photo paper that i use for special copying.......saying that i did have a HP 840C which i replaced with a Canon i320 (but will be buying an Epson at Christmas time).......and the prints did become very faint with time and not as clear ...... do you think that was due to using copier paper all the time........

  pj123 17:51 07 Jun 03

Depending on where you live of course, but I buy my paper from Martins Office Equipment Ltd in Norwich. A box of 5 reams of really good ordinary paper is £13.98 = £2.80 a ream.

They don't have a website yet but their fone number is 01603 410804

  wee eddie 17:52 07 Jun 03

Live a bit, spend a little money. Buy a selection of different types of paper and examine the results you get.

The difference in reproduction between the 3 grades: Copier, Ink-jet and Colour Ink-jet, are an eye opener. Before you have even started on the Photo quality grades, both Matt and Gloss.

As you may remember I have recently bought an i850 and have just produced a Flyer for the local Tourist Information Centre. Both my staff and myself decided that it was worth spending the extra on photo quality paper, in order to stand out from the crowd.

  KARINA 18:17 07 Jun 03

thanks for all your advice..........great help......and Brian the £1.89 economy paper from Staples is actually out of stock........

  BrianW 19:32 07 Jun 03

Karina - ain't it always the way - Bummer! Oh well, I tried to help!

  KARINA 20:32 07 Jun 03

thats true Brian........but do you know what.......Staples had the offer that if you spend £50(ex VAT) + then they give you 5 reams of paper free........which i took up and spent £50 on things i didn't even know i

  pj123 13:27 08 Jun 03

I was a bit late for your thread Glossy Paper. But if you get your ink from Choice stationery why not get your glossy paper from them as well. 50 sheets instant dry 180gsm glossy for £12.89. Including VAT and postage. 180gsm is not that far from 200gsm and I use it all the time.

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