Indian call centres keep calling me and saying I have errors

  andy63walsh 22 Sep 11

This must be a new scam. An indian call centre calls pretending to be with Windows, they eventually say, get the command Run on the screen, type eventvwr, by then if you keep playing with them they give up!! I get one a day now, can I report them?

  SB23 22 Sep 11

Tell them you don't own a pc, and hang up. My parents get those calls, and they really don't have a pc. I reckon they pick numbers out of hats, lol!

  spuds 22 Sep 11

This is not a new scam, and if you do a search in the PCA archives or internet you may well find many articles on this subject.

They are not from Microsoft, just a company that is trying to scare you in buying an un-necessary service.

If they phone you again, just say that one of their competitors have just resolved all the problems?.

  Quickbeam 23 Sep 11

That explains the strange call I had the other day. I couldn't really understand the strained accent as there was a hell of a lot of background chatter going on making the accent even harder to follow than usual, in the end I just hung up and gave no more thought of it until now.

  andy63walsh 23 Sep 11

I want to get them, pea them off somehow, might say can you hang on I will get the owner and leave the phone by a speaker. Must be a way to track them? and report them in this day and age?

  mikef. 23 Sep 11

Tell them you are a computer engineer, they hang up like a shot when I say that

  Autoschediastic 23 Sep 11

TRUST ME! hang up like other members have told you too! they are NOT from microsoft! they are scammers..;.

  FEEBS 04 Oct 11

A neighbour of mine was conned into parting with £70 for something she didn't understand. I just tell them to eff off - seems to do the trick

  Armchair 05 Oct 11

I get these calls quite often. Sometimes they're pretending to be Microsoft, other times they reckon they can cut my electricity bill by 44%. It sounds like they're in a crowded pub (obviously a call centre with as many would-be scammers packed into it as possible). I just say, "NO", and hang up. They must successfully scam people, though, or they wouldn't bother to keep making these calls.

  Zurdo 07 Oct 11

I've had loads of fun with these folks. Provided you have the time just lead them on and on and on. eg. Tell them to wait while you boot up the comp. (it's already on of course but don't touch it) Just play plain stupid, ask them to repeat everything etc. I've managed to stretch the call out to 15 mins. before I eventually lose patience and tell them I haven't touched the computer and I know it's a scam. They immediately ring off! I lead a sad life!

  Zurdo 07 Oct 11

Sorry forgot to say I posted on this a while back enter link description here


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