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  frybluff 03 Feb 12

I don't know if anyone else has had this problem. When you register on a website, you are usually asked for "house number" and "postcode", and then your full address comes up. On a couple of sites, recently, when I've done this, an incorrect address comes up, usually followed by "We are unable... as we are unable to verify your address". On one hand, it's not a great problem; I just enter the full address manually, then it all works, but it does occur to me it could cause problems with lost mail, or even problems with credit rating. There is obviously an error on some data base, but as to how I go about correcting it, I don't know where to start, other than emailing the individual websites, when it occurs.

  Terry Brown 03 Feb 12

Go to the Royal Mail website and enter your address in, this will give you the correct Postcode address for your house.


  spuds 03 Feb 12

Don't know the answer to your question, but have you tried the Royal Mail's postcode or address finder. I have, and on occasions that comes back with the 'cannot find', yet if you try a slightly different wording, the request is resolved.

Another thing that I found strange the other week, that was regarding new house address numbers in a place I was visiting. There was 14 houses in a row, and all had the number 20 on the properties. The only difference was the fact that each house number had individual a,b,c, etc as you progressed up the road. I can only assume that there was once a large house or building in the location as number 20, and the developer had to make the numbers to suit the old remaining properties (18-22) each side of the plot?.

  spuds 03 Feb 12

slow typing :O)

  wiz-king 03 Feb 12

I cost money to have a Royal Mail post code look up program for a business and even more to keep it up to date, so some may not bother.

The local council is responsible for road re-numbering and it costs money to renumber a road when infill occurs - and causes a lot of other premises to get upset if they have to produce new letter headings and other stationery.


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