i'm suing Multivision for breach of contract

  hughasaurus 17:09 19 Jul 03

i am currently suing multivision for breach of contract, lost earnings and more, as they damaged my laptop when they were supposed to be fixing it. It was brand new and under warranty but they tried to make me pay for the damage they did. has anyone else had problems with multivision ?
are they going bust perhaps ? can anyone tell me if they know anything about their status.

and for God's sake don't do business with them

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:50 19 Jul 03

As you have given naff all details and the case is soon to be sub-judice I would suggest that you are batting on a sticky wicket. I would suggest that your eventual case should be prepared much better than this post.

'and for God's sake don't do business with them'...could be brought up in a court as incitement to damage trade....your case is steadily slipping towards pants.


  wee eddie 19:53 19 Jul 03

If you have not, Then there are a number of ways that you can acheive a satisfactory outcome without enriching the legal profession out of your own pocket.

Give us Chapter and Verse, and perhaps we will be able to help.

  Snowy10 21:41 19 Jul 03

It's always sad to hear news of bad service but as a balance.
I have a Multivision desk top and have had a couple of problems which they have sorted pretty quick, albeit I have fitted the parts supplied by them.
Are they in trouble or is that an off the cuff comment?

  Brian-336451 22:26 19 Jul 03

How long have you had this problem with self-expression?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:49 20 Jul 03



  hughasaurus 09:59 20 Jul 03

the story is that i bought a laptop in march with a 12 month warranty. in july the hard drive failed so multivision came to collect it for repair - for free. i put the laptop in its case. a week later i called multivision to see how repairs were going and they told me it had been crushed in transit and i had to pay. if i didn't pay then i wouldn't get my laptop back. there was no mention of transit damage being my responsibility in the contract. now i am trying to get my seriously damaged laptop back so i can have it repaired by a 3rd party. i don't doubt that they are in the wrong. what i am worried about is that they are going bust and even if i win the case there will be no cash to collect.

  Rayuk 11:40 20 Jul 03

If Multivision arranged to pick it up and that is what they did then it is their responsibilty as soon as the courier accepted it not yours.I am sure that it didnt take a week for them to receive it and if as they say it was crushed in transit why did they not contact you about it?.

Seems like court is the only way to go.

  wee eddie 13:56 20 Jul 03

either by phone or in person. It might be agood idea to make an appointment.

The measured, cool, calm, approach works well. Particularly if it is backed up with references to Official Documentation, which they will know backwards, so there is little point in bullshitting.

Consumer Advice is free as well.

  wee eddie 14:01 20 Jul 03

You are unlikely to get the case heard for at least 6 months, maybe a year or more.

Try all other options. First!

Retain ALL Records of Contact. Date, Time and the Individual concerned.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:41 20 Jul 03

The courier shpould have insurance. I would contact them asap to find out who they are insured with. I assume that Multivision signed for it as damaged. It is not Multivisions' fault that it was damaged in transit but the responsibility of the courier.


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