I'm one of the 1% ... :(

  Seth Haniel 15:59 15 Sep 08

being the owner of a Daewoo DS608p Freeview set top box - The upgrade to Freeview digital television system has has rendered my model along with 5 other makes ( or 1% of boxes) unusable - with no compensation - and just being told to purchase a replacement set-top box -

Anyone else in the same boat ?? !!

  jack 16:34 15 Sep 08

How does that affect the ox.

I appreciate that with a digital Tv- an external digital tuner is still required for the analogue recorder[s].
But this has nothing to do with the Tv surely both are independent.

  Jim Thing 16:42 15 Sep 08

Seth Haniel:

What's the problem with the Daewoo box? I had one a few years ago and passed it on to a daughter after I bought a Humax PVR. Has the Daewoo box now become useless — and if so, why? Could you kindly suggest a link for more info?


  Clapton is God 16:45 15 Sep 08

I bought a Pace box many years ago when Freeview broadcasts first started. That box suddenly stopped working a few months ago for the same reason.

It's a nuisance but you can pick up a decent replacement for less than £30.

  Clapton is God 16:49 15 Sep 08

"Have I missed something?"

Apparently so click here

  jack 16:52 15 Sep 08

Now that is interesting.
Earlier this year a message appeared on screen in barely discernible white out of grey about downloading software upgrade- It was the fact that I saw the world 'Philips'- make be- click to 'Yes'The Display menus then changed somewhat thereafter.
So perhaps that is it. Something in the way digital is transmitted has changed and some boxes do not have the 'upgrade' opportunity.

  Jim Thing 17:07 15 Sep 08

Many thanks for the link, which I note is to a site that seems to be concerned with things Kentish (or should that be things of Kent?). I'll check with my daughter this evening to see whether her Daewoo box here in N. Ireland (Divis Tx) has a similar problem.

Thanks again. Jim

  Clapton is God 19:21 15 Sep 08

The fact that my link is "concerned with things Kentish" is irrelevant.

It's a national problem which I've experienced and I don't live in Kent.

  Jim Thing 19:33 15 Sep 08

Once again, thanks. It turns out that my daughter's Daewoo box packed it in some weeks ago but she forgot to mention it. They disconnected it and now get only the analogue channels in the kitchen.

  interzone55 20:15 15 Sep 08

Interestingly Google Chrome browser reported your link as a possible phishing site.

Even more interestingly Chrome's built in spell checker recognises neither Google or phishing...

  Seth Haniel 08:39 16 Sep 08

click here

here is link to article

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