If you want a Digital Radio

  mikef™ 15:39 05 Mar 03

Ordered a DAB radio from Simply Radios click here on Sunday night delivered yesterday morning, apart from this being great service the site is great for information on Digital Radio, with a very useful forum.

  oresome 20:41 05 Mar 03

The info seems very fair, giving downsides as well as benefits of digital radio. Would be interested to know if there's any audible improvemnent over a decent analogue tuner.

  Spook Tooth 20:46 05 Mar 03

Great site. Thanks.

  anchor 19:44 06 Mar 03

I am afraid that the prices of digital radios are too steep for me. I get excellent sound and reception on my VHF radio, that cost only a fraction of the cost of one of these sets.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:52 06 Mar 03

'We're sorry, there are no digital radio stations available in your area at the moment. Digital radio coverage continues to grow as new transmitters are switched on, so please check back from time to time to see if your postcode is covered'....CURSES!


  mikef™ 20:38 06 Mar 03

I've got about 50 now and if you compare the FM broadcast with the digital one there is no comparison, the digital is so much sharper with no extraneous noises.

  oresome 20:56 06 Mar 03


I was wondering what you were doing with 50 radios until I read the message above it. I now realise your refering to stations received.

I didn't realise there were so many.

  Goldcroft 07:12 07 Mar 03

A review I read in a mag of the original £99 version a few months ago was very damning. Worse that an ordinary FM radio. Hence, despite being a radio 4 fanatic and hoping that 5 Live will migrate off MW shortly, have held off from purchasing.

  mikef™ 09:15 07 Mar 03

All I can say is I got the Prestel one that is a prize in this months comp. and am more than impressed, even using it with some cheap passive speakers.

  wee eddie 10:50 07 Mar 03

There is no question that a DAB station gives interference free reception. CD style as opposed to Vinyl. An empty sound, some would say.

What is in doubt is that whether the the bandwidth and high compression are enough to deliver sufficient signal to play with the relevant fidelity

  oresome 13:59 07 Mar 03

A shame from my point of view that the benefits of digital are used to cram in more channels rather than to improve the quality both in TV and Radio broadcasts.

Analogue FM is capable of excellent results as is analogue TV on domestic size screens.

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