ICT Help please?

  Dean-521792 11:49 12 Oct 06

what is The effect of on those who don’t have or want access to ICT?

  Jackcoms 11:59 12 Oct 06

I suspect that this is a homework question.

Shouldn't you be thinking for yourself rather than expecting others to work for you?

  Totally-braindead 12:06 12 Oct 06

Not a clue.

  GroupFC 14:04 12 Oct 06

That is a large assumption, which may be well-founded. However, how do you know that aziz7733 hasn't already thought from himself, and is merely seeking the views of others?

  anchor 14:11 12 Oct 06

I don`t even know what ICT is; am I alone?.

  Jackcoms 14:38 12 Oct 06

ICT is Information and Communications Technology - an acronym which is almost exclusively used in schools.

Usually known as IT to you and me!

"how do you know that aziz7733 hasn't already thought from himself, and is merely seeking the views of others?"

I don't. I await his/her response.

  anchor 15:38 12 Oct 06

Jackcoms: many thanks.

Having now nothing to do with "ordinary" schools, I did not know. At the University, where I do some part time work, they still call it IT.

  def90csw 16:09 12 Oct 06

Depends on your view, yes you can still bank, shop & go on holiday withput the net. But can you exisit without ICT, well banks, supermarkets in fact most companies rely heavely on using a computer in daily transactions, so may be business cant, but an individual can.

  Dean-521792 21:28 12 Oct 06

thank you all for the help that you've given me.
i really didn't expect to hear what i heard from some people.


  it_girl 22:38 12 Oct 06

aziz7733, the information that it may have provided you with is the arrogance portrayed by some who spend too much time accessing ICT.

Gives you a new angle to write about.
Good luck.

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