ICatch Webcam Scam

  Really Nick 16:14 21 Oct 06

A load of ICatch 1.3M night vision webcams have flooded onto eBay, often with prices of under £5 but shipping costs of between £5 and £10, even when shipped from the UK.

These camera's DON'T install and there are NO download sites with drivers.

The scam is that you can return the cams to the supplier but they have made their £3 - £9 profit on the excessive postage and packing charges in the first place ( postage to my home from Hull cost £1.10 and maybe 30p for the jiffy bag )

DON'T be tempted to buy one.

  GaT7 16:52 21 Oct 06

Thanks for the warning but I couldn't a single ICatch webcam on eBay click here. G

  FUl2tiV3 18:52 21 Oct 06

have a look at click here

there are many sellers on ebay who use 'drop shipping' to make quick profits. the sellers often don't ever stock any of the goods. they are stocked by a central warehouser, and the 'seller' makes a profit just by readvertising. the usual goods for sale are electronic accessories, mobile phone accessories/batteries/cases, computer accessories etc.

the products are cheap far east versions, bulk produced/shipped. the returns procedure/customer service is non existent. they sell such vast quantities, in relative anonymity, that they can survive the negative ebay feedback, or just start again. many of the products work ok, but some are mis sold/advertised.

i bought a mobile phone accessory recently, which didn't fit the phone it was advertised for. the seller refused to answer any emails, and then left me negative feedback! whilst ebay offers some recourse, these type of sellers don't care. they make too much money. another web lesson learned!

  Really Nick 22:03 21 Oct 06

They look like the following picture

click here

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