I would like to pay a personal public tribute

  Forum Editor 19 May 11

to Davey, who has consistently offered help to forum members who had problems with their Mesh computers, or experienced difficulties over customer service.

Davey is leaving Mesh for pastures new, and I - for one- will miss his help. He has been the only supplier's representative to stick with us over the years, and he'll be sorely missed. I didn't know him personally, but he never let me down when I asked for help in the forum.

Good luck in the future Davey, and thanks for everything.

  wee eddie 20 May 11

All the best Davey, I've never needed your help but I appreciate all the help you've given others.

  buteman 20 May 11

You have to ask ,What will mesh do without him.

Like others I have not purchased any computers from mesh but on most of the threads that I have looked at Davey was the only one that offered any help at all.

So best of luck Davey wherever you go and I am sure that all the customers that you have previously helped will all say the same.

  anchor 20 May 11

I second the expressions of appreciation for his assistance on these forums, & wish him success in the future.

Hopefully, his successor will be equally helpful.

  lucky1 20 May 11

I echo the sentiments expressed by the F.E. and others. Good luck for the future Davey.

  Flak999 20 May 11

Anybody think this presages the beginning of the end for Mesh? Has Davey seen the writing on the wall?

Good luck to him in any event, I am sure there will be many companies who would snap him up.

  Pine Man 20 May 11

I am a Mesh customer of about ten years and on the rare occasion that I needed advice or guidance Davey always came up trumps.

He will be a hard act to follow - if indeed he is replaced.

Good luck Davey if you read these posts.

  ams4127 20 May 11

I am a happy Mesh user and, luckily, I have never needed his help.

I know he has been of invaluable help to others here, so I join everyone else in wishing him a happy and successful future.

I am sure he will be an asset to whichever company employs him.

  dfh 21 May 11

My Mesh computer had a rocky start but is still with us. Good luck Davey for the future.

  Flak999 01 Jun 11

He definitely knew the end was coming, wouldn't you say?

  CaseSensitive 01 Jun 11

I too wish Davey all the best, even though he was the one to ban me from the Mesh User Forum.

Did he know the end was nigh ? I really don't know for sure...... but I suspect that he knew exactly what was going on and had known for quite some time.


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