I wonder

  wiz-king 27 May 11

If I should report BT for misleading adverts.I have had two bits of post today telling me what a wonderful offer they can do me for a " fantastic broadband package" I don't call a broadband speed of 1.2Mb fantastic! And, that's on a good day.

  TonyV 27 May 11


I think you will find that the weasel words they use on their contracts will say something like "up to...". I suspect you will waste your time and money in trying to get them to really give you what you think should be due to you! It seems to me that most ISP's use the same terminology and unless you live in the local exchange, I doubt you will get the speeds you anticipate. Unless you are in the Fibre Optics system, which should be somewhat better than copper wire!

There has been many comments on this Forum which relate to similar problems of paying for something and not getting what people think they are paying for. On the other hand, there are people here who do get what they have paid for.

Not an easy problem to sort out!



  spuds 27 May 11

The practice of 'upto' will shortly stop, and an 'expected' will be the replacement word (according to Ofcom!).

The only problem there of cause is 'expected' which might mean the same as 'upto' in guaranteeing speeds?.

  wiz-king 28 May 11

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about my speed (much), it's the delivering of adverts in the post to addresses that cant possibly make good use of what is described in the advert. If they a blanket advertising the whole area then they are using thousands of trees and miles of shoe leather for nowt.

The advert does not actually mention any speeds, it just lists a load of things I can have free or at a low cost. It's the thing it does not mention that irks me - decent broadband speed. I am waiting for Infinity but it's living up to it's name, the install date keep vanishing into the distance, was March, then May and is now July.

  Forum Editor 28 May 11

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