I strongly recommend www.cameras2u.com

  Sparrowhawk 13:51 29 Mar 04

It is rare enough to be well served by internet retailers - especially
when one asks for a refund - that I have to thank CAMERAS2U for their superb service.

CAMERAS2U.COM gave me a very positive impression. Nice site,
straightforward. Everything is kept simple, well located.

CAMERAS2U.COM is really customer-facing, which makes a lot for
customers' confidence.

As they specify their details (addresses, phone, email, fax) but also their managing director name, one feels confident dealing with them.

At all times, I knew I would have an answer and corresponding action
would happen.

I am grateful for their
outstanding customer-facing attitude and their prompt refund.

They reacted quicker, without me having to phone back, better, more politely FOR A REFUND than DIRECTFROM, EBUYER, SAVASTORE, MESHCOMPUTERS, EBAY, BT and most of companies which I had to deal with recently.

I strongly recommend click here

  Stuartli 14:08 29 Mar 04

Whilst appreciating your thread, it's somewhat difficult to accept it strictly at face value, especially as you don't state what you bought and why you required a refund.

Why, for instance, the use of the phrase: "At all times, I knew I would have an answer and corresponding action would happen?" How were you aware or certain of such positive responses?

Why too did Cameras2U "react quicker, without me having to phone back, better, more politely FOR A REFUND?" Why would you have to phone back (or have had to do so)?

I don't doubt that you seem to have had fair treatment from this company but some of your comments, as I say, are somewhat puzzling.

  Stuartli 14:10 29 Mar 04

I also would wish to point out that I don't agree with your first sentence: "It is rare enough to be well served by internet retailers.."

Some 95 per cent or more of my eight years of ordering items over the Net, whether from this country or abroad, have been completely troublefree - I'm sure that many others will offer equal praise.

  Stuartli 14:15 29 Mar 04

..small point..:-)

What have been the situations where you have sought refunds from at least SIX companies you have dealt with recently?

This seems, to me at least, to be way over average - no one can surely be that unlucky with so many purchases made online?

  Sparrowhawk 14:17 29 Mar 04

I bought a scanner EPSON 4870 Photo at click here (DIRECTFROM).
Delivery was late, parcel had been opened and free gift stolen by courrier AMTRAK.
I asked for a replacement, which was accepted.
They collected back the unwanted scanner, finally said they would refund me.
I was still agreable and accepted.

I then ordered another scanner at click here (CAMERAS2U) which arrived the day after...

As DIRECTFROM and its courrier AMTRAK are incompetent, I chose to ask a refund to the most trustworthy internet retailer.

Refund from CAMERAS2U was processed quicker than the delivery from DIRECTFROM.

  Sparrowhawk 14:18 29 Mar 04

I had issues with EBUYER, EBAY/PAYPAL and BT.

  Sparrowhawk 14:20 29 Mar 04

click here (CAMERAS2U), click here (SONY STYLE) and click here (MYMEMORY) did deliver a superb service, in my case at least.

  Sparrowhawk 14:23 29 Mar 04

I forgot click here (PHONES4U) one of the worst.

I bought a mobile phone from them on a Friday at £139.95.
The following week, this same phone was sold for ... £199.95.

It has lasted for more than one month and have still not seen my phone.

They keep inventing fake excuses, problem with order system, warehouse people not understanding the process. Bla bla bla.


  Chronos 14:32 29 Mar 04

phones4u have always been like it, hopeless.

I think the best people to deal with as far as phones are concerned, and i have dealt with both more than once, are Virgin and direct with Motorola...

  The Spires 14:36 29 Mar 04

How on earth can you say 'At all times, I knew I would have an answer and corresponding action would happen'. Sorry I am not convinced.

  The Spires 14:37 29 Mar 04

P.S. I have yet to have a major problem with any of the net sites I buy from, & I buy quite a lot.

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