I Pad v Galaxy Tab 10 buy new or used.?

  daz60 05 Apr 12

Decided to take the plunge in buying a tablet,mainly for reading my PDF's on the move,about 15,000 pages, but also mobile internet.This is because the larger screen size is better for me,cannot get used to the small screen on my Kindle and my netbook is ragged and again too small.

I know the value of buying new but i have noticed a number of older version IPads in shops like CEX and Cash Converters.Cex i have purchased from before and you get a warranty for 1 year,they also have a Lenovo i am after.

Buy new or save a little and go used.What do you think.?

  morddwyd 05 Apr 12

Depends on the price difference.

Everything iPad, including repairs, carries a premium because of the name or the cahet.

  daz60 05 Apr 12

That is why i have shied away from Apples products,price,maybe the wrong stance but there it is.The ones i have seen are around the £400 mark and interestingly i walked into a PC World shop today to have a hands on,impressed by the ipad and they have a price of 329 on v2.

Looked on their website whilst writing this and the new is selling for 399,on-line,might as well scrap my original intention and go new.


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