I need TFT monitor advice please.

  Forum Editor 16:53 15 Jul 05

A client urgently wants me to buy her a new TFT monitor, and I thought I would seek advice from the experts. The brief is as follows:-

Size: 19"

Budget: £300 or thereabouts

Specific needs: DVI connector

This client designs food labels, and so there's a need for crisp image-quality and good colour. She's not a gamer, so it doesn't have to be the fastest kid on the block.

I'm primarily interested in personal experiences, although any input would be much appreciated.

  pj123 18:01 15 Jul 05

Try here: click here_

not all in your price range but there are lots that are.

  bfoc 18:29 15 Jul 05

A Dell Ultrasharp 1905P. Details available via click here

I've been really impressed with the quality and clarity of the display. The built-in USB 2 hub is very useful, but the varity of adjustments are tremendous. It not only tilts, but also swivels through 90 degrees, which can be very useful for DTP and design work.

I'm very pleased with it, especially as I got it on offer at about £100 less than they are charging at the moment. Incidentally the price on the above link includes VAT and delivery.

  leo49 19:33 15 Jul 05

click here

I paid £75 more for this AG Nuevo TFT 6 months ago - an absolute steal at this price and image-wise it beats my Mitsubishi DiamondPro CRT all ends up.

  DieSse 00:07 16 Jul 05

Of many makes and models I've supplied over the last couple of years, the pictures I have been most impressed with have all been LG units. I am just about to buy a 19" LG one for myself, in fact (next week!) - though I don't need DVI.

  Forum Editor 01:28 16 Jul 05

That's helpful.

DieSse - I'm tending towards LG myself.

  Forum Editor 02:04 16 Jul 05

I finally decided on the LG L1980Q from ebuyer at £323. It looks good, and has all the right specs. In fact it looks so good I've ordered one for myself as well.

Let's hope I made the right choice.

  961 11:58 17 Jul 05

I used to regard LG as an also ran but having read rave reviews for DVD drives and Flatron screens have bought LG stuff and been impressed, especially in view of the pricing

Do they have a commercial tie up with Philips these days?

  Forum Editor 17:58 17 Jul 05

The company is actually called LG Phillips, and they're one of the world's leading developers of TFT technology, employing over 14,000 people. The company started life in 1987, and since then has gone on to become world number one in the TFT screen business.

They've just signed a deal with Hewlett Packard, and will be supplying TFT screens for HP laptops and monitors for the next three years at least.

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