i need to buy a laptop with the following requirements, can you suggest anything

  davefriskey 26 Jan 12

  davefriskey 26 Jan 12

Processor greater than or equal to 1GHz 32 or 64-bit. L2 cache 256 KB. Hard disk 40 GB with at least 15 GB available space. At least 1 GB RAM. CD-ROM 32X. Network interface card (NIC) 10BaseT or 100BaseTX (10 or 100 Mbps). Video adapter Support for DirectX9 graphics with: WDDM Driver, At least 128 MB graphics memory, Pixel Shader 2.0 in hardware, 32 bits per pixel. Monitor Super VGA (1024 x 768) resolution. To complete the Design Labs it is recommended that students have Installed Microsoft Expression Web 3 and Adobe Web Standard CS4.

  chub_tor 26 Jan 12

That is a pretty basic specification and just about every laptop with a 15 inch screen or above will meet it. You will not get Microsoft Expression Web 3 or Adobe Web Standard CS4 installed as standard, so Google for best prices or try Software for students

  hastelloy 27 Jan 12

The spec given is the minimum required for the software. I suggest you look at Novatech and get the best you can afford - their cheapest machine is way above your minimum spec.

  The Kestrel 27 Jan 12

In addition to the cost of your laptop, you will have to factor in the cost of the two software programs. Microsoft Expression Web 3 has now been superseded by the Web 4 version http://www.software4students.co.uk/MicrosoftExpressionWeb4-details.aspx?gclid=CKjlt7bY8K0CFe4htAodTHPatg. Adobe Web Standard CS4 seems to have been superseded by this http://www.adobe.software4students.co.uk/AdobeWebPremiumCS55StudentandTeacherEdition_PC-details.aspx

  The Kestrel 27 Jan 12

Sorry about the links not working. Just go to the software4students web site to find the programs.

  chub_tor 27 Jan 12

The Kestrel If you had checked my response you would see that I had already provided the link to Software4Students.


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