i GB ram, is it worth it

  shamz 19:13 19 Oct 04

the other day my friend purchased a 1GB ram for £600. he says that after he inserted the ram and set up everything, the speed of his computer boosted up by 60% and when he loads the computer it runs through the computer setup very fast and when he plays a game, that needs loads of computer memory,
the game runs smoothly and crisp!!!!!!!!
is this true have you purchased a 1 GB ram and is there any cheap ones????
do you think it is a good idea to buy one???????

  Dorsai 19:19 19 Oct 04

Worth it, Perhaps a cautious yes, but at £600, a slightly less cautions no.

I got 1 gig ram, but at a 'slightly' lower price...(change from £100) and am happy..

But if the friend is happy..WHatever floats your boat, as they say.

  Forum Editor 19:37 19 Oct 04

That's an outrageous price - you can find DDR PC2700 RAM for around £120 for a Gigabyte pretty well anywhere.

I also find your friend's claim that the memory increase has boosted performance by 60% a tad difficult to swallow - unless he started with a very small amount. I wonder what method he used to measure the speed increase?

All that aside - increasing RAM is still the single best upgrade you can make - assuming that all other components are reasonably specified - and that's particularly true if you work with big graphics files, or play games a lot.

  georgemac 20:35 19 Oct 04

cost me £70 so it was definitely worth it

I don't think he could have paid £600 for this?

  Smartfish 20:40 19 Oct 04

looks like a typo!

Shams what d'u say? we'r all waiting 4 ur reply!

  kinger 22:06 19 Oct 04

1 Gig of RAM is ideal. Windows can't 'use' anymore, I believe, so you'll be operating at the maximum with maximum benefits.

  Sir Radfordin 22:46 19 Oct 04

All depends on what you are doing with it. Some servers I use have 4x 3Ghz processors and 16GB RAM and doing most things on them you don't notice the speed difference - but start using them as database servers or application servers and you need that power/memory for them to cope.

Unless you are doing a lot of video/image editing you won't see the benefit of more than 1GB Ram. You may also want to make sure you have a VGA card with it's own memory not using the system memory.

Your friend should never have paid that much for memory of any sort.

  sidecar sid 22:58 19 Oct 04

Corsair TwinX 2 x 1GB XMS3200Pro


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