i-friend computers sold via Safeways

  drmac 20:44 16 Jan 03
  drmac 20:44 16 Jan 03

Hi, Safeways are selling cheap computers supplied by ifriendpc.co.uk. The brief spec is: Itel Pentium2ghzCPU, 256mb RAM, 40gbhard drive, 16x DVD drive, 56k modem, PS/2keyboard, speakers, with Windows XP and Works 2000, and a 17" monitor. Price £400.

Anyone heard of these guys, and is this good value.



  rickf 20:58 16 Jan 03

Do you mean a P4 2ghz cpu etc? If yes, then its very good value. The cpu alone is retailing still around £130.

  dugie 22:58 16 Jan 03

i buy my beans at safeway, my mechanic services my car and if i get sick i go to the doctor. why buy a computer from a food shop? you can get just as good a deal from a proper computer shop, then if you have a problem you can ask a human being for assistance.

  Tim1964 23:05 16 Jan 03

I bought my PC from Tescos, at least if you have a problem you have absolutely no trouble returning it for a refund, unlike mail order AND the store will still be there in the morning....Just ask the customers of TINY (oh then again.....)


Is this available to see online?



  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:16 17 Jan 03

'why buy a computer from a food shop? you can get just as good a deal from a proper computer shop'...dream on.


  ricvic 10:44 17 Jan 03

Sadly this is last weeks offer. My local Safeway stated that the price went up £100 this week. Shame - I have no hang up about where I get equipment from & am in the market for a budget PC for immediate delivery.

  les-257929 12:18 17 Jan 03

ricvic;- try plugnplaypc.co.uk they can drive acaggiage &4 horses through safeways offer.

  Stuartli 12:48 17 Jan 03

Safeway operate a similar refund policy to Tesco - any problems and a refund without question.

Ironically it sells a cheap DVD player that Which? recently awarded its Best Bargain Buy from a comprehensive range of players on test.

  Elrond 12:48 17 Jan 03

You're assuming that Safeway hasn't one employee with a decent amount of PC knowhow. I work at Safeway and will gladly offer my pc knowledge if a customer comes back with a query.

  Stuartli 12:49 17 Jan 03

You have to buy the monitor separately from the system, but you can't buy the monitor on its own...:-)

So it might not be as cheap a system as it first appears.

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