I am in the money

  iscanut2 12 Jun 11

Just had an email telling me that a lottery ticket allocated to me in the Brazilian 2014 Football World Cup promotion gas won me £800,000 !!! All I have to do is reply to an email address with all my particulars and the money is mine. I know what I shall do...how many others of you have been so lucky? BEWARE.

  lotvic 12 Jun 11

They are a pain, mine hasn't arrived yet....

Shall I wait until I get the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ and 2022 FIFA World Cup™ scam email? I think it's got a bigger prize ;P

Read about FIFA World Cup email scams (and for noobies please don't respond to the email - just delete it)

  CaseSensitive 12 Jun 11

Sadly there are still people who are taken in by these scams.

I guess that all we can do is continue to highlight them in the hope that as time goes by fewer people remain ignorant of these wiseboys.

  chub_tor 12 Jun 11

Only £800K, that's peanuts compared to the millions I have on hold for me in Nigeria if I just send them my bank details so they can transfer it to me.

  woodchip 12 Jun 11

don't forget to give them your bank details, or you will not get the money. PS I am using Dragon naturally speaking for this message, just getting into the hang of it.

  Forum Editor 12 Jun 11

It really isn't worth spending a millisecond of time discussing this kind of thing. Millions of these emails are sent out every week, the internet is awash with them.

I suggest that you delete them on sight, as most people do.

  iscanut2 13 Jun 11

FE Agreed,but there is no harm in bringing these to attention now and again as some people do get taken in. If you do not want to waste a millisecond discussing it, then don't but let us decide whether to or not !


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