Humax Recorder

  flycatcher1 02 Aug 12

Is there anyone on the Forum with a Humax Hard Disc Recorder?

I have a problem and Humax are unable to help. I set the machine to record the preamble to the Olympics opening ceremony and the following actual event. Only the first programme recorded.

Distaff was not happy and I may be looking for a Best Man at my Divorce if an answer cannot be found.

  onthelimit1 02 Aug 12

Not an answer, but to save the marriage, have you had a look on the BBC iPlayer

  dms_05 02 Aug 12

I have a Humax 9300 and have suffered exactly the same problem when trying to record consecutive programmes on the same BBC channel. You are quite right - Humax don't have a clue why and seem to think it's a bug not worth fixing.

My solution is to record such events on my Sky+ box that doesn't suffer the same problem. Not much help to you I guess.

If your particular Humax model allows it: you could set up such recordings manually (a la VHS tape) and have one recording covering the two time periods. Not perfect but a work around.

The whole opening sequence was covered by a very big crew and will be available on DVD very soon and it is likely to be a lot more comprehensive than the BBC coverage. Probably the best solution of all!

  feb 02 Aug 12

Have you got channels with "8oo" numbers? These are duplicate channels from alternate transmitters. You may need to do a manual tune.

  flycatcher1 02 Aug 12

feb,dms05 and onthelimit1. Thank you your prompt responses. I will look at all suggestions but I am pleased that it is the Humax and not me. I appreciate the iPlayer and the programme is being repeated on 18 August but I think that looking for the Dvd is the best option.

I do hope that a programme is produced describing exactly how all the effects were produced - we found the whole effort First Class.

  interzone55 02 Aug 12

If it's a Freesat recorder Humax have had loads of problems reported about them not being able to record the temporary Olympics channels.

I've got a Humax freeview recorder and not had any problems recording consecutive channels that I recall - It's a PVR 9300T

  SimpleSimon1 04 Aug 12

I've got a HDR-FOX-T2 but since I've not tried recording any Olympics (other than the Opening ceremony), can't say I've seen any problems. Suggest a visit to where the Humax geeks and modders hang out. They're a friendly bunch and there's not much they don't know about current Humax problems and possible solutions.

Good luck

  ened 06 Aug 12

I've had a HDR-FOX-T2 since last year and have found it to be a great bit of kit.

However I too had a problem with the opening ceremony. I had set it to record the whole thing from 21:30 onwards and in the 'Media' menu it stated that the recording was 200+ minutes long. So there we were watching it when it suddenly ended.

I have deleted it now but I think it stopped after two and a half hours. This would mean it stopped recording at Midnight. This is significant because I seem to remember that some comments had been made about it not recording through the end of a day. I thought they had issued a patch to correct this but it is the only explanation I can think of.

By the way: does anybody know if there is a way to turn Auto-updating off on this model?


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