Humax Freeview HDR

  Graham. 09:22 02 Aug 10

Available from 9th August click here
It's a little expensive!

  exdragon 15:03 02 Aug 10

Oh Graham, what have you done? I'm being led by the nose once again to buy something bright and shiny :-))

I'd forgtten that John Lewis said they were expecting them in early August...until now, that is!

Does anyone have a solution for a technology addiction, please?

  Graham. 15:09 02 Aug 10

I've had the Freesat version since it came out, wouldn't be without it now. Apart from recording programs, I find the live pause facility invaluable. I pause on the ads, pop over to the news, etc., then I fast forward past the ads.

  john bunyan 15:23 02 Aug 10

Regret my area wont get Freeview HD until 2012, so will stay with my Panasonic and Pioneer DVD recorders until then.

  anchor 15:45 02 Aug 10

john bunyan: Look on the bright side, it is almost inevitable that prices for freeview HD recorders will have dropped by 2012.

  exdragon 17:51 02 Aug 10

Problem is, I've already got the Humax 9200t - why is it that something you want to break down so you can replace it with a clear conscience, never does, but something boring, like a vacuum cleaner, does?

  Chas49 19:26 02 Aug 10

exdragon: Isn't that called sod's law? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick as usual 8-)

  07patty 17:07 05 Aug 10

i've got the Freesat version. such a good purchase.

  dms_05 09:33 06 Aug 10

Lets hope Humax have sorted out the PVR function of their DTT PVR's. I have a 9300 PVR and Humax have taken years to sort out the software and it's still not perfect. Whilst Humax seem to have a good record on their satellite PVR they have shown great reluctance to sort out many well known bugs with their DTT PVR's. Let's hope the new DTT HD PVR is better than their previous PVR's were at release.

  Graham. 09:48 06 Aug 10

On the Freesat PVR, I suspect it's not a bug, but it can be very annoying when it happens - if you have paused a live program then are watching again as 'chase-play', if a scheduled recording starts you will lose the 'saved' section of chase-play and jump to 'live'.

  KremmenUK 13:57 06 Aug 10

Totally agree with dms_05 my 9300 has also been a tad fragile.

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