HTC wildfire s

  sneaky4343 23:22 27 Mar 12

ive just had a wildfire s as a present but noticed the memory capacity not all that great is there any tips which may answer this query,all help would be helpful thanks.

  rdave13 23:44 27 Mar 12

According to this, you can use a microSD card up to 32 GB. Internal memory 2 GB.

  sneaky4343 23:50 27 Mar 12

i looked at the internal memory its saying that i am able to get 418mb memory which is usable but then i check my settings, and its saying i can only recieve 150 but i got apps on so its not much space at all

  rdave13 00:05 28 Mar 12

It should have come with a 2GB microSD card. Internal memory is only 418 MB user-available. Check to see if there is an SD card as it shows in my link that there should be one included.

  rickf 17:25 28 Mar 12

I can confirm that it defimitely comes with a 2g sd micro sd. In my case a Samsung card. Got mine just 2 wks ago. My slight niggle is that battery life is not great.

  sneaky4343 11:12 29 Mar 12

sorry its taken a while,yer i got the 2gb memory card but i cant use that to store apps on so that i can carry on downloadings my apps and stuff as its saying internal memory too low,but its says i can store my stuff on my memory card too free space but when i do that the memory still stays low on the internal memory

  rickf 11:55 29 Mar 12

Delete apps which you don't need. Lots of pre installed apps came with the phone some of which you may not want or need.

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