HP Photosmart C5180 - buying advice?

  Whaty 14:51 23 Mar 07

Never sure whether to post questions like this here or in the helproom, anyway...

I want a new MFD, preferably with network connectivity and the HP Photosmart C5180 seems to fit the bill. Can anyone comment on this device, good, bad or indifferent?

Can anyone recommend an alternative within the same budget, £125 - £150?


  bremner 17:53 23 Mar 07

I have the HP 2575 and have found it extremely good and simple to use.

You can get it for £90 click here

  Newuser31 20:22 23 Mar 07

I bought one of these a few months ago, very easy to use, excellent printer, excellent results and easy to set up. Economical to run. Works perfectly over a home network.

  Whaty 20:55 23 Mar 07

Thanks for the replies.

Newuser31. It good to hear from someone who's actually used one, I think you've convinced me it's the one to go for.


  Newuser31 21:43 23 Mar 07

Glad I could help. Good luck

  Macscouse 22:24 23 Mar 07

Bought one in January. Very happy with it.
Incidentally, ordered it online through HP Website at 1030pm Monday, received it midday Wednesday. Live in the Highlands, so excellent service.

  Whaty 20:58 24 Mar 07

Thanks again for the replies, all positive and at least no one has said 'don't buy one'. I'll tick this thread as resolved.

  FatboySlim71 23:37 25 Mar 07

I have the model below it, the C3180 which I believe is identical apart from the C5180 has a little colour screen on it that the C3180 hasn't. All I can say is that my C3180 is the best printer I have owned by far, so I can imagine the C5180 been of the same high quality. I have provided a link below to a review that I wrote on my C3180, so most if not all of my review will apply to the C5180 because as I mentioned earlier, that the C3180 is identical to the C5180 apart from the C3180 hasn't got a colour screen on it.

click here

  Whaty 10:55 26 Mar 07

Thanks FatboySlim71, have to say, the C5180 'LOOKS' a heck of a lot different to the C3180 in your review?


  silverous 12:43 26 Mar 07

I have the HP Photosmart C6180 which sounds similar to me and it has been great.

Usually can't go wrong with HP.

In terms of which forum to use, I'd say this sort of thing is more for help but others may disagree. I see consumerwatch as consumer issues related and you don't have an 'issue' as such. It's up to the FE ultimately but as you mentioned it I thought I'd give my £0.02p.

  silverous 12:43 26 Mar 07

When I say "more for help" I meant helproom.

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