HP inkjet cartridges.

  TOPCAT® 17:52 29 Apr 03

Allegedly, HP inkjet cartridges have built-in expiry dates. TC.

Quote: PRINTER GIANT HP has built in time limits for its inkjet printer cartridges which means machines may stop working even if the consumable has 75% ink left to go.... end of quote.

This corporate consumer's boss intends to change supplier!

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  microswift 20:10 29 Apr 03

How do companies get away with things like this. HP moto "Lets Screw The Customer"

  Falkyrn 22:16 29 Apr 03

HP/Compaq are not the only ones .... Lexmark recently won a case in the USA against a supplier of "compatible" cartridges by citing breach of copyright under the american DMCA act .. Lexmark cartridges in the US (and possibly here) are fitted with an electronic identifier that identifies the cartridges to the printer and runs various functions (ink level etc) .. Lexmark's lawyers argued successfully that the compatible manufacturer had breached lexmarks copyright by bypassing this chip in their cartridges.

  Belatucadrus 22:37 29 Apr 03

Here's one buyer who's not buying HP again.

  mole44 08:09 30 Apr 03

think theres EU regulations comming out about this sort of thing,so here in europe the comapny`s may be onto a looser trying such things

  Coaster3 08:59 30 Apr 03

I've never had a cartridge in my printer for as long as 30 months and I've never owned a cartridge for 4.5 years so it wouldn't affact me.

Come to think of it, I don't know anyone else that has either.

  -pops- 09:20 30 Apr 03

Don't think I've even had a printer for that long a period.


  Falkyrn 18:18 30 Apr 03

1. The EU are currently "investigating" these areas ... don't hold your breath

2. My original HP 500 series printer is still going strong (working in a charity shop) ..... more than can be said for many of those that I replaced it with.

  malgall 19:37 30 Apr 03

i think you will find that the lexmark case
in the usa will not affect us because
recycling law in EU say a company is not allowed
to make its product more complicated to
but i still would not buy hp or lexmark

  Ellie3009 20:37 30 Apr 03

I assume this doesnt affect HP compatible cartridges?

  TOPCAT® 22:39 30 Apr 03

Some worldly comments, re HP inkjet cartridges, from emails to the Inquirer. TC.

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