How much pork have you eaten....

  canarieslover 23:16 06 Dec 08
Locked the last three months. Worryingly it has taken that long to find out that we may all have been poisoned.
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  tullie 23:44 06 Dec 08

Ive had me bacon then.

  Chas49 00:34 07 Dec 08

I wonder if that (ham) is what I had for supper last Tuesday? On Wednesday, I felt a little light headed which quickly got worse - I had been watching the Tele at the time and now the picture was moving across my line of vision rapidly - very scary and I don't panic easily. I staggered around to my neighbour - she insisted that I have a drink - I did and immediately vomited the lot back and a great deal otherwise (sorry to be so graphic but that is what happened). I was unable to move much during the rest of the day and slept for biggest part. I must admit to being absolutely petrified by the sight of the TV screen apparently floating across the wall - not to mention the patterned wallpaper doing the same. Thankfully, I have recovered but ham slices for me are a big no-no from now on. This story may sound far fetched but I assure you that it is all too true. Anyone else had this experience and been stone cold sober at the time?

  Forum Editor 00:42 07 Dec 08

I believe the risk to UK consumersis very low.

  laurie53 08:26 07 Dec 08

The contaminants concerned, dioxins, are carcinogenic rather than hallucogenic.

I think you probably just had some dodgy ham. Your symptoms are classic "normal" food poisoning symptoms.

  isca2 09:55 07 Dec 08

Are you sure it was ham..perhaps it was SPAM

  chub_tor 10:01 07 Dec 08

"we may all have been poisoned.".... not so, some of us are vegetarian.

  oldbeefer2 11:30 07 Dec 08

80 to 200 times the permitted levels is a tad worrying!

  The Brigadier 12:09 07 Dec 08


  Forum Editor 12:55 07 Dec 08

Hmm... complacency can be a dangerous thing.

Dioxins are found almost everywhere. They are in the air we breathe, in the soil, the water, and in our food, especially dairy products, meat, fish and shellfish. The highest levels of dioxin compounds are found in some soils - the very soils in which your vegetables are grown. Especially high levels can occur if farmers burn agricultural waste on the land.

Enjoy your nut cutlets.

  chub_tor 13:50 07 Dec 08

I wouldn't doubt that what you say about dioxins being found almost everywhere, but vegetarians won't be getting them from the infected pork or from other meat, fish and shellfish. Presumably you also eat vegetables with your decaying flesh so your sources of dioxins are much greater.

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