how much is my laptop worth?

  gregovo 20 Sep 11

got a 2 and a half year old sony vaio vgn-ns20z with 4gb ram and 2gHz processor, battery been run near flat only lasting about an hour and start up time is significantly longer than originally but running speed difference is negligible. £600 new when bought new and need to sell but dont know where to start :S any help would be much appreciated

cheers Gregor

  wee eddie 20 Sep 11

You can try eBay but I think that finding a Buyer at any price will be difficult. Particularly as a replacement battery will cost, not far short of, £100.00.

p.s. Are you sure that you have that number correct as that Serial number does not come up on any of the battery Sites that I visited.

  ams4127 20 Sep 11

Have a look on Ebay for similar machines and you will get a rough idea of the expected price.

  ams4127 20 Sep 11

Sorry wee eddie, we must have been typing at the same time.

  gregovo 20 Sep 11

thanks for the advice, cant find similar machines but got the battery serial number (vgp-bps13/b) and the battery costs around £50. would it be better for me to purchase this and sell or just sell on its own? and how much do you think I should aim for?

  wee eddie 21 Sep 11

Buy a new battery and give it to your Mum, you'll get better value that way.

  gregovo 21 Sep 11

cheers wee eddie, gifting will have to be the way forward.


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