How far are you from your BT exchange?

  Thalmus 22 Sep 05

For security reasons BT doesn't give out the locations of their exchanges, not very helpful if your interested in these new 24 meg broadband providers and want to know how much bandwith your going to lose due to distance.

However, I jsut discovered a little trick to find them. Goto the Royal mail web page click here and click on the postcode finder, you'll need to register to use it. Type "British Telecom" in the business name and your town name. It will then list all the exchanges near you.

This is probably old news but I'd thought i would mention it incase anybody was interested/unaware/cared!

  Stuartli 22 Sep 05

I not only know the location of my local exchange but also that I'm 580 yards from it as the crow flies....:-)

  Thalmus 22 Sep 05

top speed for you then, lucky so and so.....

  kissanpoika 22 Sep 05

So now I know the distance how do I calculate what effect it will have on speed...?


  Thalmus 22 Sep 05

You will get full speed upto 1 km away

Half speed up to 2 km away

anymore than 5 km and you can forget it

  Jackcoms 22 Sep 05

Or go here click here type in your postcode or phone number and click 'Check!'.

Then click on 'BT ADSL' and it tells you the name of your exchange, your straight line distance from that exchange and the ADSL capacity of the exchange.

  Starfox 22 Sep 05

Very informative,thank you.

Shows that I am 1.6km from my exchange.

  Confab 22 Sep 05

That's a goos site 440m for me!

  Confab 22 Sep 05

did mean good not goos

  ventanas 22 Sep 05

750 Meters. I never knew it was that close. Actually I'm still on dialup, but switching next month. It states I should get the full 2mb, We will see.

  Thalmus 22 Sep 05

thats alot more acurate and easier!


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